GMA opens door for feedback on industry membership

The not-for-profit organisation is asking individuals and organisations in the grounds sector to take part in membership surveys and have their say on the future direction of membership.


The Grounds Management Association (GMA), the leading not-for-profit membership body, has this week launched two surveys giving everyone working or volunteering in the industry a chance to shape the future of its member offering.

Members and non-members can give their view on what they value and would like to see going forward, by taking part in two surveys - one for individuals working across the sector and one for businesses or suppliers operating in it. The surveys will be open to all respondents until Sunday 13th September.

All respondents of the survey will also have the opportunity to enter a prize draw, with four £50 Amazon vouchers up for grabs. Respondents who wish to remain anonymous can do so.

The GMA previously conducted member research in 2016 and looks to do so every five years. Through gathering qualitative and quantitative data, this review will analyse the benefits and offering of the membership, looking at what respondents believe are the most valuable, and what aspects of the offering may require improvement. Any necessary feedback will start to be implemented later this year, following an analysis of all data gathered, and continue beyond 2020.

Geoff Webb, CEO at the GMA, explained:

“We know it’s been a really difficult year, with Covid-19 causing huge disruption and anxiety for grounds staff, volunteers as well as businesses across the country. It felt like the best time to stop and listen to everyone in the industry, so we can determine as an organisation where we can best support through our products, benefits and services.

“With hard times still ahead, we recognise the need for GMA to continue to remain a relevant and leading voice for its members and the sector. To do so, we need to hear current and up-to-date views and feedback to capture how the industry thinks and feels right now.

“With your help, we can ensure we’re supporting, and communicating with, members in the right way and our offering aligns with what the sector needs the most”.

To take part, follow the below links:

For the individual survey, click here:

For the corporate survey, click here:

For the full T&Cs, follow the below link:

Terms and conditions for survey prize draw

  1. Only one entry per person via the email address entered at the end of the survey. Any duplicate entries across both membership insights surveys will also not be counted
  2. The winner will be notified via email within 14 days of the survey closing date, and announced on social media
  3. The £50 Amazon voucher will be shared via email as an e-card, and only emailed to the prize winner once they have confirmed personal details
  4. The voucher is redeemable as per Gift Card and Gift Vouchers terms and conditions here, which includes further details on redeemable purchases. The GMA takes no responsibility for changes to Amazon’s terms and conditions
  5. The GMA is not responsible if your gift card (prize) is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission. We also take no responsibility if your purchase/s have been undelivered, please contact Amazon’s support team for further support following purchase