The Grounds Management Association has developed a set of standards that combines the benchmarking qualities, skills and knowledge, and resources required to maintain natural turf sports surfaces into one easy-to-use framework.

Grade the standard of a playing surface using a common gauge, understand the required skills and knowledge, plot out your career pathway, and make best use of resources and budgets. All with the Grounds Management Framework.

GMF Levels

Elite Elite

Professional sport globally.

High High

Professional and semi-professional sport nationwide.

Advanced Advanced

Top-level recreational sport nationwide.

Good Good

Recreational sport nationwide.

Basic Basic

Community sport nationwide.

About About

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Pitch Quality Pitch Quality

Read more about the Grounds Management Framework's sport-specific pitch quality information.

Career Progression Career Progression

Find out how the Grounds Management Framework could help progress your career.

Skills and Knowledge Matrix Skills & Knowledge Matrix

Learn more about our the Grounds Management Frameworks's Skills and Knowledge Matrix.

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GMF Information Sheet

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