GMA AGM 2022





to be held in the Vaughan Parry Williams pavilion at the University of Nottingham

To register to attend please contact our Membership Team at


Welcome return to a 'face to face' AGM

We are pleased to confirm a return to an in person AGM and members are hereby invited to attend. It is being held in the Vaughan Parry Williams pavilion within the Highfields Sports Complex of the University of Nottingham. The meeting is scheduled to commence at 12:00noon on Thursday 22nd September 2022 and will be followed by a light lunch and then an opportunity to tour Trent Bridge cricket ground.

The formal bit

Please find below the agenda, minutes of the 2021 AGM, details of resolutions to be voted upon and the proxy voting forms for the meeting.

We have a couple of simple rules. First, because the AGM has formal tasks and responsibilties, affecting the GMA’s policies and strategy, and finances, any member who wishes to raise a question from the floor needs to submit his or her question to at least 24 hours before the meeting starts; for Chair consideration on its inclusion. This is so that we can be sure that issues and questions raised at the AGM, and the answers to be given by the Chair, CEO or Board, have been properly considered.

How do you know if you are a voting member? 

Only voting members are allowed to table questions and vote on any resolutions. If you are in either of the member categories below, then you are able to ask questions and vote.

Individuals (excluding those with Student Status, Under-16 Status and/or Domestic Status and/or Organisational Staff Membership Status)

Associate Members shall have one vote exercisable by a nominated representative -  this includes Organisation/Facility Memberships:-  Education, Grassroots, Local Authority, Professional Organisation, Professional Sports Club, Public Amenity, Estates, Independent School.

Can you still attend the AGM if you are not in one of the above categories?

Yes, if you are in any of the member categories listed below you are entitled to attend the AGM, but you are not entitled to table questions or vote.

Corporate Plus

Individuals with Student Status, Under-16 Status and/or Domestic Status and/or Organisational Staff Membership Status

How to sign up

If you're a GMA member and would like to attend this year’s AGM, please register immediately with our head office - phone 01908 552989, or email Can you also please indicate if you would like to attend the tour of Trent Bridge cricket ground.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you at our AGM.


Grounds Management Association

2022 Annual General Meeting - Agenda 

Held in the Vaughan Parry Williams pavilion, University of Nottingham - 12:00 noon, on Thursday 22nd September 2022

1   Opening - by Independent Chair, David Carpenter. Accompanied by CEO, Geoff Webb; Director of Finance / Company Secretary, Alan Clarke; and GMA Auditor, Ruth Dorans

2   Apologies 

3   Minutes of the 2021 AGM to be approved by the meeting

4   Briefing on voting details

5   Statement on the annual accounts and balance sheet from the Auditor

6   Resolution 1   to ask the meeting to formally approve the accounts

7   Resolution 2   to ask the meeting to approve the auditors for the ensuing year

8   Update from the Chair and CEO - to include details of any changes to the GMA Board of Directors

9   Resolution 3   to ask the meeting to approve the annual report

10 Any other business

11 Closing remarks by Independent Chair

The meeting was held 'virtually' on Thursday 23 September 2021 and run from the GMA head office in Milton Keynes

2021 Minutes



RESOLUTION 1   To ask the meeting formally to approve the annual accounts to 31st March 2022

RESOLUTION 2   To ask the meeting to approve the re-appointment of the auditors for the ensuing year

RESOLUTION 3   To ask the meeting to approve the annual report


Proxy Voting Forms

Complete either Form A, or Form B 

Please note that only paid-up individual members, other than student members, and appointed representatives of paid-up Associate Members are eligible to vote, either in person or by proxy at the AGM.

Proxy Form A

If you cannot attend the AGM but would like to specify the way in which your Proxy vote is used, you must appoint the Independent Chairman as your Proxy in order to formally record your voting wishes. In order to do this you must complete Parts 1 and 2 of the form. If you do not complete Part 2 the Independent Chairman will vote on your behalf as he thinks fit. To download and view Proxy Form A click here.

Proxy Form B 

This form allows you to give your vote to someone who will be in attendance on the day at the AGM and vote as they believe is best for the GMA and its members. To download and view Proxy Form B click here.

There are two Sector Director positions up for renewal this September. Both of the existing Board members have been nominated for re-election. Details on how you can nominate alternative candidates can be found here.

James Wright has been Nominated for re-election to the position of GMA Sector Director

James represents the Education sector and has been a Board member since 2016

James has been actively involved in groundsmanship for 25 years. Initially as a volunteer groundsman at Dunnington Cricket Club, and has worked on golf courses in Spain and Ireland and successfully completed in the Ohio Programme which included working for 4 years at Double Eagle Club. He currently holds the position of Senior Maintenance Manager at the University of Leeds managing the external estate alongside the off campus and residential building portfolio.

James has a HND in Turfgrass Science, and BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Amenity Horticulture).

In recent years he has worked with the GMA to implement two successful education days aimed at the volunteer groundsman sector, which not only provided educational seminars but also gave greater accessibility to members of the GMA.


Greg Smith has been Nominated for re-election to the position of GMA Sector Director

Greg represents the Education sector and has been a Board member since 2019

Greg has been a member of the GMA throughout his career and is now keen to help and support it through a position on its Board of Directors. Greg has supported and helped develop and grow a number of people through varying horticultural courses on natural grass and artificial/3G surfaces.

Greg describes himself as self-motivated, with a proven record of supporting the GMA and the Nottinghamshire FA when they first launched the PIP for local football clubs. He also supported the role in Nottinghamshire up until 2015, working with Tom Rowley (GMA - GaNTIP/PAS) and Ricky Stevenson (Nottinghamshire FA).

Greg has been involved in sports ground maintenance since 1983 and has always enjoyed his roles. Firstly, working through the YTS scheme and learning from experienced Groundsmen at Boots Sports Ground and studying for his City and Guilds and NVQ to level three.

For fifteen years as Head Groundsman/Stadium Manager, with a small team, Greg produced the first team football pitch for Notts County FC and Nottingham Rugby Club. Supporting both sports to a high standard he came 2nd to Twickenham at the GMA awards in 2012

Currently at Nottingham University, Greg works alongside the Director of Estates and of Sport. He describes himself as part of a team that delivers sport for the students and organises large events; held both nationwide and locally.

Greg won a GMA award for best artificial surfaces and achieved a ‘Highly commended’ for the University and Colleges Grounds Team in 2018. The proudest achievement to date for Greg is; for the 2nd year Nottingham University have hosted the BUCS Big Wednesday UK finals.