NEW! Learning Needs Analysis

    NEW! Learning Needs Analysis

    The GMA have recently launched a new service which is designed to support managers and grounds staff alike in mapping out a training and education journey.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) by GMA Learning

The GMA have recently launched a new service which is designed to support managers and grounds staff in mapping out a training and education journey. This service will prove to be of benefit to both those that actively take part in an appraisal system, and those who adopt a more informal development programme.

For further information, please contact learning@thegma.org.uk

Meeting with each member of the grounds team the GMA can draw up a unique learning plan for that individual. This will aid both the individual and the employer to map out the future development programme for the whole team. The Learning Needs Analysis works alongside the recent Pitch Grading Initiative to enable grounds staff to meet both their own and their employer goals.

Sean Williams, Head Groundsman at Gloucester County Cricket Ground has recently made effective use of this service. ‘This is an invaluable management tool which helps me plan for the future, and, show that the club are willing to invest in good training.’ The recent analysis of staff at GCCC has enabled the club to consider training routes they were not aware of. This service is totally impartial and considers all training providers, not just the GMA courses. Sean ends ‘this service gives both my team and a learning path to follow, and it will be good for the game and the industry in the long run.’

• Support you and your team, and your ground

• Aid your appraisal process with GMA Learning

• Build a structured and realistic plan for you to follow

• Highlight the professionalism that is often overlooked

All of the GMA industry experts hold the necessary skills required to draw up a unique learning plan.

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