Chance to win £100 GMA training voucher

We'd like to know how the GMA can help you with your training and development needs going forward. The survey takes approx. 4 minutes and, by completing it, you have the chance to WIN a £100 GMA training voucher.

This survey can be completed anonymously, but please include your email address to enter the draw with a chance to win a £100 training voucher which can be redeemed for any GMA training. See below for terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

  1. Only one entry per person via email entered at the end of the survey
  2. The winner will be notified via email within 14 days of the survey closing date, and announced on social media 
  3. The £100 prize will be redeemable up to 12 months after the date of issue and will cover.

              a) GMA training courses (online)
              b) GMA training courses (face-to-face)
              c) Or a derivative of a and b.
              d) GMA qualification will not be included

  1. On redeeming the prize, you will have to pay the advertised amount with a deduction of £100
  2. The voucher can be redeemed across multiple purchases