GMA Live: Back to Play - mental health strategies - Tue 16 June at 7:30pm

Delivered by Broadcaster and Writer Mark Clemmit, our latest webinar explores and discusses mental health strategies to help those working in the grounds sector adapt to new working environments.

Speakers are Helen Waddington (Head of case work at Perennial), Karl Standley (Grounds Manager at Wembley Stadium), Vicki Cockman (Workplace Lead Mental Health First Aid England) and Gloria Lau (GHK Consultancy) HR specialists. The session will feature advice specifically for those working in the grounds care sector, at any level.

We understand that mental health approaches are not once ‘size fits all’, so this session will provide key information that can be adapted to unique working environments. Each speaker will also share their personal experiences to help shine a light on the importance of mental health, and how it can impact daily working routines within the sector.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Grounds Management Association has continued to network with sports bodies and Government to provide the latest guidance for the sector.

Our primary focus always remains the safety, as well as the physical and mental wellbeing everyone working in the industry. We also understand that each working situation and environment during this challenging time is a case-by-case scenario, and recommend each person seeks specialist consultation if required.

This webinar aims to help you understand:

  1. Best practice as an employer, or grounds manager to help the return to work
  2. How to devise a ‘back to play’ strategy that is focused on staff wellbeing, across any grounds care business and at any level
  3. Where to go for specialist mental health guidance, help and support
  4. How to spot the signs of those suffering with mental health conditions, and the vital resources available for you and your staff

To join us on Tuesday 16th June, please sign-up here.