Headland’s Enstar provides concentrated control for a wide range of weed species

Enstar from Headland Amenity is a powerful three-way selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds including Slender Speedwell, Creeping Buttercup and Yellow Suckling Clover. Suitable for use in both fine turf and sports turf applications, Enstar is also suitable for use on young turf when applied at a lower rate.

Part of the Headland selective herbicide portfolio, Enstar offers the safe, efficient and targeted control of invasive, broad-leaved and difficult-to-manage turfgrass weed species, without detriment to the health of the surrounding grass plants. It contains three active ingredients – 2,4-D, dicamba and fluroxypyr – to control weeds in golf fairways, sports pitches, lawns and other amenity grass.

Enstar is most effective when applied while weeds are actively growing, the soil is moist and temperatures are warm, at a rate of 2L in 200-1000L of water per hectare. It can also be applied safely on newly-sown managed amenity turf, at least two months after grass emergence, at a reduced rate of 0.95L per hectare. In addition to application through vehicle mounted equipment, Enstar is approved for use in boom and knapsack sprayers. Areas can be treated with Enstar up to twice per year, with a minimum interval of 21 days between applications.

At Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire, Estates Manager Paul Young has been using Enstar for the last three years, on an area of approximately 80 hectares – including estate lawns, and the fairways, tees & roughs of the 18-hole golf course. “Enstar is a fantastically versatile and simple-to-use herbicide that, after a single annual application, keeps everything in check” explains Paul. “While we’re not a particularly ‘weedy’ course, Enstar has controlled some issues we’ve had with daisies and dandelions, with minimal re-growth and the benefit of a second application if required.” 

Daisies are also an issue for Darren Lee, Course Manager at Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club. “Some of our 27 fairways suffer so badly that it becomes difficult for players to see their ball at times!” he explains. “We used Enstar for the first time this year, in a tank mix with Headland’s Xtend® 46-0-0 and Elevate Fe®, which we applied in mid-May. Along with fantastic results on daisies, it appears to have killed some Speedwell we had which, with previous products, we’d only really managed to knock back.”

Enstar carries a LERAP requirement, please refer to the label or www.headlandamenity.com for full details.