GMA retains Matrix quality standard for life goals, advice and guidance

The GMA has again been accredited to the Matrix Standard.

This is a nationally recognised quality standard for organisations to assess their advice and support services which ultimately support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

The GMA’s vision for ‘quality surfaces through excellence in grounds management’ ensures that GMA training and education courses include the latest technologies and practices that are being used at professional levels of groundsmanship - thus enabling the GMA to pass on this knowledge to sports facilities and clubs which have minimal budgets.

In turn, this means the GMA is helping ensure that best practice can be achieved at all levels, helping to ensure that playing surfaces are in as good condition as possible to maximise use, increase participation, support player safety and boost financial return.

Impressed with the GMA’s commitment, Matrix highlighted a number of comments on the accreditation:

  • The GMA demonstrates that it remains impartial when providing advice and guidance about equipment and training pathways;
  •  Learners identified that they can gain accurate advice about qualifications and choices with ease;
  • The GMA’s website, social media and e-shots are being effectively monitored and analysed for continuous improvement, examples having been implemented for the benefit of promotion and learner support.

Commenting, the GMA’s head of member services, Dan Prest, says: "The GMA is delighted to have retained the quality mark of the Matrix Standard, which reinforces the excellent levels of service we provide to ensure we ‘serve our members through the seasons’.”