Lotteries announce £34m of new green space grants

Sixteen historic parks and cemeteries across the UK are to receive funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund in the latest round of grants.

The £34m of grants will transform the sites, all of which have heritage significance. Disused historic buildings will be restored and used as new cafes or public facilities, helping to attract more people and therefore more income.

Innovations include public wi-fi installed in Peel Park, Salford and plans to harness renewable energy from the mill pond at Victoria Park, Stafford.

HLF's chair Sir Peter Luff said: "We all benefit from spending time outside in the fresh air, so it's vital that we look after our green spaces, particularly in dense urban areas. National Lottery players' money will give a boost to each of these 16 historic places, helping make sure they have a great future."

To date, National Lottery money to the tune of £770million has been invested in parks since 1996.

The 16 parks and cemeteries receiving funding today are:

  • HLF/Big Lottery Fund joint grants in England
  • Earmarked funding
  • West Smethwick Park, Sandwell £4,830,700
  • Victoria Park, Stafford £1,705,100
  • Hunstanton Heritage Gardens, West Norfolk £ 685,400
  • Great Yarmouth Venetian Waterways £1,020,800
  • Springfield Park, Hackney £3,194,100
  • Thompson Park, Burnley £ 860,100
  • London Road Cemetery, Coventry £1,998,000
  • Confirmed grants
  • Chase Park, Gateshead £ 922,900
  • Peel Park, Salford £1,572,800
  • Winckley Square Gardens, Preston £ 942,600
  • Northwood Cemetery, Isle of Wight £1,685,100
  • Hanley Park, Stoke on Trent £4,579,300
  • HLF-only funded grants
  • Belfast Cemetery (earmarked funding) £1,852,800
  • Stornoway Castle grounds £3,903,600
  • Dean Castle Country Park, East Ayrshire £3,338,900
  • Wrexham Cemetery £1,190,000.

First published in Hort Week, 29 June, wriiten by Elizabeth Henry