Making the most of your GMA membership

“I never thought it could happen to me"

When you face a problem at work or your job is at risk, you need a specialist who can offer advice and is legally able to represent you as well as negotiate the best financial settlement. This is where Prospect, the union that represents football officials, cricket umpires, grounds staff and other sports professionals, can help.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” are the words we often hear as GMA members (and non-members) contact the GMA to advise that their job is at risk or has been terminated. The reasons are varied and can affect anyone involved – and you only have to refer to recent reports from around the country to understand the stark reality of job security, or lack of it. Employers no longer offer jobs for life – the recession, economic competition, reduced public spending and the commercialisation of sports have all impacted the careers and jobs of groundsmen and women everywhere.

When your employment is at risk, you must act quickly. You need to know your rights, your company’s policies and processes, the details of your contract, the next available steps and how to respond. Basically, you need a specialist – someone who can be in your corner, who can advise on your options and who is legally able to represent you in discussions with your employer or at an employment tribunal.

In professional sport especially, the expectations are high, so Prospect membership will ensure that you are ‘match ready’ and protected rather than exposed should you end up in a dispute situation. In fact, Prospect may be able to help you resolve issues before the situation escalates.

Three months free membership

Under the terms of the GMA’s agreement, GMA members can enjoy the first three months of Prospect membership for free. However, this is a limited offer so don’t delay. Join today, because Prospect cannot help you if you choose to join after a dispute has started.

To find out more about Prospect, go to To find out more about this offer, go to

Peace of mind

If you are not a member of the GMA, join today. It’s less than £1 a week. Go to or call us on 01908 312 511

If you want to join Prospect, please contact the GMA. We’ll inform Prospect and you’ll receive an application form and three months’ free membership. Alternatively contact Prospect – email: or call 020 7902 6677 with your GMA member number.