Prospects are looking good for members

IOG members benefit agreement with Propect

In an exclusive agreement, GMA members can enjoy periods of free and discounted membership of Prospect, the trade union that advises, defends and supports members with problems at work.

The GMA has for its members negotiated free and discounted membership periods of Prospect, the 112,000-member trade union that not only advises, defends and supports members with problems at work but also negotiates pay and conditions on their behalf, campaigns for jobs and standards, and influences employers and government.

In an exclusive agreement, GMA members can enjoy free union membership until December 2016 - which could represent a saving of up to £120 – and thereafter for some salary levels an extra benefit of 50 per cent discount on fees for six months.

Prospect’s national secretary, Alan Leighton, said: “Members are often surprised by the many ways we can help and support them in their employment situations and career development.

“For example, in the past we have negotiated a severance agreement for a groundsman and provided advice and supported others on disciplinary issues, performance appraisals and changes proposed by management to hours, terms and conditions.

“You never know what is around the corner - good or not so good - so having an organisation like Prospect by your side is a smart move.” In addition to responding to urgent enquiries within 12 hours – and with plans to train a number of grounds staff representatives to provide initial, first-hand advice - Prospect also provides members with a number of invaluable information sources:

• Its Profile magazine, published eight times a year, covers issues such as changes to the law and state pension arrangements, as well as age discrimination.

• The regular Legal Eye briefing highlights employment law developments.

• An annual Employment Law fact card is published.

• A series of Members’ Guides on, for example, performance appraisal, health and safety, bullying and harassment, and lone working.

All guides and documents can be accessed through Prospect’s website ( where there is a host of additional information of interest. It is hoped to also have a section on the website dedicated to grounds staff.

Commenting on the deal, GMA chief executive Geoff Webb, said: “Our industry is constantly changing and the GMA is here to help our members throughout their careers. I am excited that Prospect is partnering with us and I encourage all members to sign up now to take advantage of the excellent discount and the services and benefits Prospect is providing.”

The extra six-month 50 per cent discounted membership fee agreement between the GMA and Prospect, from January 2017 is, for those earning £12,899-£22,715 pa before tax. Membership is only £3.44 per month if you earn £12,899- £18,418, and only £4.73 per month if you earn £18,419-£22,715.

This preferential arrangement is available only to GMA members. To take advantage of the full savings, members should act now and call Prospect on 01932 577007 or visit, where details can also be found on Prospect Extra, the union’s cash back and comparison service that helps members save money by receiving cash back on everyday purchases and finding the best purchasing deals available on a wide range of goods.