Brad Jefferies

Age: 24

Questions and Answers

I fell into the industry though purely being in the right place at the right time and putting myself out there, going out of my way to gain experience and contacts. I studied for a degree in Sports Coaching and PE and worked as a groundsman full time throughout the summer and part time in the winter to help support me through university. I really enjoyed the work and decided that when the right opportunity came along that I would pursue a career in the industry.
Aged 14, I initially did odd jobs at a local semi-professional football club, where I also assisted the club groundsman. When I was 16, I was attended a county cricket game at Worcestershire CCC and was intrigued by the work of the groundsman. So I met the head groundsman (Tim Packwood) after the game and asked if there was any possibility of helping the grounds team. He then let me work a week with the team during an Ashes warm up game in 2013.

When I went to university, I needed a summer job so I visited a nearby cricket club to ask about working within the grounds team. Unfortunately, there was no available work but the club chairman was on the board at Warwickshire CCC and put me in contact with Edgbaston head groundsman Gary Barwell. I worked with Gary and his team for two seasons while at university and learnt so much from the experience. I then decided to use my experience to take on responsibility of my own ground in the Birmingham cricket league, were I looked after the main ground and managing a team of volunteers on the outground.

I then took an opportunity to join the ground staff at Whitgift School in Croydon. While at Whitgift School, I have also had an amazing opportunity of becoming part of the matchday staff at Wembley Stadium. I have been very lucky with my career so far and as a lover of sport I thoroughly enjoy the environment.
I am currently progressing well with my Level 2 in Sportsturf through Myscough College.
ATV Training Course
Level 3 First Aid at Work
PA 1,2 & 6 Spraying Qualifications
Tractor Driving License
I work at the second site at Whitgift School, which is about a mile down the road from the main school campus. There are two of us looking after this site and there are always a variety of jobs to do depending of the time of the year and fixture timetable. We look after football, rugby and cricket pitches at this site, as well as other open spaces so there are always plenty of jobs that need doing.
I would say either the weather or the demand/usage of the pitches.
There is no better feeling than leaving the site on a Friday with all the pitches striped up and in excellent condition - knowing that all the games and activity that go on at the site would not be possible without the grounds team’s hard work.
I am very proud to say that I made a major contribution to the preparation of an England Test Match pitch. I will never forget that after my first Test Match had finished when we were sweeping up the wicket after the game, Gary Barwell said: “Brad you’re now an international test match groundsman.” I felt very proud and honoured.
I would love to be a deputy or a senior groundsman within county cricket.
There are some amazing groundsman whom I admire, but in particular I admire those who have supported me throughout my career by sharing their knowledge and giving me opportunities, including: Tim Packwood (Worcestershire CCC), Gary Barwell (Warwickshire CCC), Dan Ratling (Whitgift School) and Karl Standley (Wembley Stadium), as well as Steven Dipple who was the groundsman who first got me into the industry.
Promoting the industry to young people and hopefully inspiring them to join the industry. as I'm sure most will agree that once you get the taste and experience of working within the industry at whatever level, you are hooked.
I like playing and coaching cricket, I'm partial to a good night out and chilling with friends.