GMA Board Governance

GMA Governance - a message from the GMA Chair

This section of the website sets out the new governance policies agreed by the GMA Board. Why are these important? 

Because we are a member organisation and we are committed to providing the best service to our members and also to the groundsmanship family, across the UK and abroad. This means we have to be efficient, and effective, we have to listen well, and we must run our organisation to high standards; all these policies are important to those aims;

Because part of our function, as a professional body, brings us into contact with Government. We occasionally receive Government funds. We must then meet the new governance standards set by the Minister for Sport, Sport England and UK Sport, in a new Governance Code. Our governance policies set out here comply with that Code.

David Carpenter - GMA Chair -


Below is a list of documents that have been incorporated into The Grounds Management Association's Governance Pack.

Click the link at the end of each title to download the document.

Board Induction Process download

Board Skills Matrix  download

Child Protection Policy download

Companies Act 2006 Directors’ Duties  download

Conflict of Interest Policy  download

Directors’ Code Of Conduct  download

Equality Policy  download

Risk Management Strategy  download

Strategy & Finance Group Terms of Reference  download