Joe Broadwood

  Head of Gardens and Grounds at Daylesford Estate

    Head of Gardens and Grounds at Daylesford Estate

“There’s a world of opportunities for young people in grounds management - who wouldn’t want to work outside and produce some of the very best surfaces in the world?”

Having worked on private estates, including some with sports facilities, Joe’s current role is as Head of Gardens and Grounds at an estate encompassing multiple properties and teams.

Joe’s grateful he made the move into grounds, finding the vast range of environments he’s already worked in, from stunning estates in the UK and abroad to managing different sites across sports, gardens and estates, a big part of why he enjoys his job.

He strongly believes that there is great potential within the grounds management sector to promote itself better to younger people and wants to use his role on the GMA’s NextGen to make more young people aware of the career paths available to them.