Change, change and more change

For virtually all businesses this is a time of major change and challenge and not least in the world of amenity management. Steeply rising input prices, continual change to the restrictions imposed because of COVID, major economic pressure on both users and providers – the list goes on. Yet despite this, the need to keep our amenity and sports surfaces fit for purpose, healthy and sustainable as never been more important.

In terms of weed, pest and disease management, significant policy change is afoot. With our withdrawal from the EU, new regulations are emerging regarding the approval and use of plant protection products. In addition a new UK National Action Plan is to be issued setting out the requirements going forward. We already know that this will have a major focus on integrated management approaches and greater enforcement and standards. Then there has been the implementation of the Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020 (OCR). This has already legally required all suppliers of plant protection products (PPPs) to register their locations and stock carried. From June 2022, such a legal responsibility will also apply to all users of PPPs backed up by increased inspection and enforcement.

Early in 2022, the Amenity Forum is holding a series of Updating Events across the UK to address such policy issues and their implications along with presentations on all other topical matters and issues impacting upon amenity management. It is vital that all involved in such activity keep fully updated and these events provide an excellent way of doing so. The programmes will also include presentations and demonstrations from host organisations as well as chance to network with fellow professionals.

Professor John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, said ‘’Our free Updating Events are always popular but in 2022 take on even greater significance with all the changes impacting upon the sector’’

Whilst free events, pre-registration is needed by contacting Kate at . As some locations have restricted places, early registration is recommended. Full programme information is available from Kate at the same email. The locations and dates are as follows:


Knaresborough, Yorkshire                           9th February

Manchester City FC                                         24th February

Leicester City FC                                               25th February

London                                                                 9th March

Throws Farm, Essex                                        17th March         


Belfast                                                                  23rd March                                         


Edinburgh                                                           4th March                                            


Cardiff                                                                  16th February