Top tips to attract more local volunteers to help with grounds management tasks

#GroundsWeek 2021 takes place 1-7 March

As part of the GMA’s #GroundsWeek activity, these top tips are designed to help you celebrate the amazing work of all those involved in grounds management and how to get even more people interested in helping out at local pitches.

Get social and show your appreciation! Celebrate those that are making sport possible

  • One of the easiest ways to showcase the hard work of volunteers and attract more people is to share their successes with others. A simple Tweet or social media post acknowledging the amazing work of grounds managers, grounds people and volunteers goes a long way. Why not upload a video of players that use the pitch saying thanks to the local volunteers that help maintain the turf? 

  • During GroundsWeek, spread the word by consistently using #GroundsWeek in all social media activity. This allows people to search the hashtag and view everything that’s going on. On Twitter, tag @thegma_ so that we can engage with your content too

Many hands make light work. Encourage your local community to get involved (remember – always follow UK Government’s COVID-19 Guidance) 

  • It’s amazing what you can do in a couple of hours – knocking back scuffs or divots, or a bit of spiking with a garden fork can go a long way. For large scale tasks, why not set up a ‘Working Bee’ event, as soon as it’s safe to do so, encouraging everyone in the local community to get stuck in, any way they can?

  • This is a great way to introduce people to grounds management and get multiple generations involved in keeping grassroots sport going by maintaining surfaces

  • Events like these bring people together to celebrate their local community and the people that keep the turf in tip-top condition

Network, network, network 

  • A great way to attract the younger generation is to link with major sports clubs in your area, offering assistance on match day, giving them an insight into the world of professional grounds management

  • Sign up as a GMA member to find like-minded people

  • Run grounds management network events for parents of youth teams. They can assist local teams and it creates a community feel, all at the same time

  • Contact schools and colleges in the local area and see whether they would help facilitate grounds management training sessions. Take a look here for some inspiration

Invest in spreading the word 

  • Think about who you want to reach and why. Consider advertising for volunteers in the local parish magazine, notice boards, school magazines as well as websites and community social media pages 

  • Make it simple for people to get in touch so that, once they’re interested in volunteering, they know who to contact. This could include highlighting the right contact details on your social media page or website 

  • Make sure you’re highlighting the positive community stories as well as the many benefits of getting outdoors, including improved mental health and fitness 

  • Be clear about what jobs need doing. The more people know, the more comfortable they’ll feel about getting involved

  • Consider posting your latest volunteering vacancies on the GMA website 

Utilise the resources available to you