Joe Broadwood

Age: 33

Questions and Answers

I’ve always had an interest in sport from a young age as well as all things green. I worked for a grounds maintenance company on work experience and my passion grew from there.
I worked as an apprentice on a derelict golf course that unfortunately was never completed. The new owner was keen to retain the 18th hole as a formal lawn at the back of the house and the rest of the estate was returned to parkland and arable enterprise. I went on to manage the garden team and lawns. After 3 years, I decided to go It on my own and built up a garden and sports maintenance company.
I have studied an NVQ level 2 in Environmental Conservation. RHS l2, GMA cricket Groundman course, GMA Football and Rugby course, LANTRA tree surveying course, PA 1,2,6AW,9. Chainsaw CS30.31

LANTRA Sports line marking, First aid and health and safety. Team management and I’ve recently enrolled on the GMA level 3 technical turf surface management.
I’d like to progress on to RHS level 3 and soil microbiology
I run a team of 10 staff, managing large gardens and sports grounds. We work in large private estate garden as well as contracting for local sports clubs and private pitches. My job entails team management and assisting with preparing the gardens and pitches.
The feedback we get from our clients and seeing the result of everyone hard work.
Building up a successful career and company and being on the GMA young board of directors.
The volunteer groundsman up and down the country that put together fantastic pitches with next to no budget or resources.
To inspire and promote groundsmanship to young people. Also, meeting and listening to people and learning from what and how other people are doing to better their own careers and further promote the industry.
I enjoy spending my free time with my family and working on my fitness. I also enjoy hiking, photography and helping on the farm.