Groundsweek 2023: How to Get Involved

#GroundsWeek is about raising the nation’s awareness of grounds management, celebrating its vital importance within sport, and encouraging those with ‘career curiosity’ to take their first steps into pursuing a rewarding role within our sector.  

We can’t raise awareness of the sector without your help – so join us by getting involved in any way you can.  

Supporting the campaign 

Getting involved is really easy:

  • Use your social media channels to post about the difference grounds staff make - this could be a message of thanks for grounds teams, sharing photos of them at work or photos of your finished pitch at its best
  • Share photo of you and / or your colleagues at work
  • A photo of your ground (either current or past work you’re really proud of)
  • A short video of you or your grounds colleagues talking about how you got into the industry / help out in your spare time
  • Using line markers to write ‘#GroundsWeek’ on the pitch or training facilities for photos
  • Getting a player or member of coaching staff to try their hand at preparing the pitch for a short video
  • You can share an interview with your grounds staff, or even get a player or member of the coaching staff to thank the grounds team or try their hand at preparing your pitch
  • Use the #GroundsWeek hashtag in all your posts on social media
  • Share you support for #GroundsWeek using the special graphics that will be included in our Toolkit

Our #GroundsWeek Toolkit contains everything you need to help support #GroundsWeek.

Make sure you’re following us on social media and look out for the #GroundsWeek hashtag or get in touch to share your story with us. You can follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

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