Action if successful:

  • If successful and you are offered the role it is normal for it to be offered first verbally, if accepted then an offer letter is sent/emailed.
  • You are not obligated to accept an offer if the role is not right for you. However, good manners dictates that you contact the organisation to let them know you are declining the offer.
  • An offer letter usually details the key points of the verbal offer i.e. salary etc. Once you have received this and are happy with the details then hand your notice in to your present employers.
  • Most offers are subject to references and possibly CRB checks.

Action if unsuccessful:

  • Contact the organisation and ask for feedback, this will give valuable insight into how you performed and help improve your presentation for the next interview.
  • Take positives away, that you did actually get an interview and any interview is good practice. It also shows that your CV did its job.